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Antifraud mgmt

Bolling Advisors


During the last 20 years the Telecom industry has become a target for fraud, corruption, even via its employees, external users, cyber pirates, etc.

Since the beginning of this advanced technologies era, we have been helping to negate and contain the culprits by applying controls and systems through our R&D, which includes Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Anti-fraud Detection, Policy Management, and Revenue Assurance Instruments.

Bolling Advisors holds the high ground in Revenue Assurance; because all of our staff comes from telecom backgrounds totaling more than 100 years. Our diverse work with telecom companies from around the glove such as the USA. Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Bolivia, Israel, Dubai, Sri Lanka, as well Europe, Middle East, India and Russia, puts us at the forefront in knowledge and being able to draw on experience which you need.

Within the years we have assembled successful teams with programmers, data analysts, with the strong ethics, devotion, and drive to succeed, to deploy automated systems for Antifraud, Fraud Management, International Revenue Assurance, and Corporate Analysis.

With strong usage and knowledge of AI and BI, as well as tools for Data Forensics, our developers custom tailor systems to facilitate the recovery of large corporations that today are victims of fraud and monetization leaks globally.

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About Bolling Advisors

Bolling Advisors Inc. is a corporation in the United States of America with offices in USA, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile. We were founded in 1960 working first as a partner firm, later incorporating.  BA has three divisions: Revenue Assurance, Cyber Security and International Business Development. In these areas, we specialize in Latin America only, and have been helping telecom companies and financial/banking customers since forming our first foreign office in Mexico in 1994.

Whether it  is  GSM, VoIP,  LTE,  IoT, OTT, Digital  Integration, Access Control Design or  developing anti‐fraudsolutions; BA has always delivered the solution on‐time and put our customers first.  Where most companies try to sell you their in‐house products, we either custom‐build, build‐over or test all the best solutions and negotiatethe best price for you. We try to help you not only save money but open new income channels to increase profits.

We stand behind our work at all times. And to guarantee success after the job is finished, we extend our guarantee of workmanship for up to 6 months and back it up with a $1,000,000 E&O policy.